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Shameless [Nov. 21st, 2005|04:35 pm]
Evelyn Ransom
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So, has everyone seen GoF yet? Don't worry, this post isn't so much about it. I don't think I have anything really useful to say about it -- except 'Yay for Jarvis!'
No, my dear LJ friends, I am here to shamelessly beg your support in the fanfiction arena...

Last year, as some of you know, Fictionalley held a special Lyrics-based Holiday 'Be Timely Challenge.' Being a mean-spirited person with a great hatred of general happiness, I took up the challenge and answered it with my story 'Knight Bus' a short tale of human desperation and depravity.

Now, some twelve months later, Fictionalley has opened the voting for the challenge -- there are two catergories: 'Most Creative Use of Lyrics' and 'Most Humorous Use of Lyrics.' Though I cannot say my use of lyrics were in any way creative, it will not stop me from trying to wheedle votes out of any of you that might have a Fictionalley account. And don't think I'm above bribery either!

Here's the pitch -- You vote for my story for 'Most Creative Use of Lyrics' and I will give you... a something fanfictiony for the Holidays! Free exchange - one vote, one story!
And whilst you are in a voting mood, might I suggest dear friend Darren Spooner's 'Full Moon Madness' for the 'Most Humorous Use of Lyrics'? It is very silly. I don't know if Darren is paying for votes...come to think of it, he already owes me several stories...Anyway, go read the stories.

Vote 'Knight Bus' by Evelyn Ransom for 'Most Creative Use of Lyrics'
Vote 'Full Moon Madness' by Darren Spooner for 'Most Humorous Use of Lyrics'

And if you would like your own Holiday Giftfic, just let me know.